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There are so many exciting events and occasions that we celebrate throughout the year. We are so proud of our students for all their accomplishments and hard work throughout the year. We want to highlight many of our past happenings throughout the year for you to enjoy.

Secretary Appreciation

What would our school do without our wonderful secretaries? Melanie Self and Becki Lewis, we want to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work for our school and students! Our students showed their appreciation by giving notes and gifts to these helpful ladies. Thank you again for all that you do!

Fun With Skittles

Math and Skittles are a perfect combination to learn math skills. Mrs. Woley likes to use Skittles to make a math lesson fun and exciting. What a great way to start the school year.

Fun with Skittles

Ag Day Activities

The students of Snowflake Intermediate recently participated in the AG Day activities at the high school. High school students planned and prepared these activities. Each class that visited received a plant to bring back to class to nurture and grow. Overall, the students had a very fun day! We want to thank Mrs. Heather Scott and her students for all their hard work.

Ag Day Activities Photos

Kite Building

Students from Mrs. Berger's 6th grade classroom spent time researching, choosing, and building kites following instructions with materials available from the classroom. Students enjoyed the day outside, whether or not their kites actually flew. Some did, some did not! Overall, it was a fun day, and that was just as important as all the learning and creating that went into the kite building.

Kahoot It! Competition

5th grade students competed in a Kahoot It! competition on March 31, 2017. Five finalists from each homeroom earned the chance to compete with the other top five winners from each 5th grade classroom. The top five finalists earned a trophy. The competition was on states and capitals, and each student was able to answer questions that were projected and then select the correct answer on their computer screen that had four possible choices. The top fastest, correct winners were displayed after each question, so a running list and motivation to continue to do well was offered.

West Region Hoop Shoot Winner

On February 25, 2017, Kenadi Stuart competed against California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah in the West Regional Hoop Shoot held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kenadi shot 21 of 25 to win the title and will represent the West Region in the National Hoop Shoot Competition in Chicago on April 22. She competed in the school, local, regional, and state shoot outs in order to advance to the National Level. Kenadi is a 4th grade student that attends Snowflake Intermediate.

West Region Hoop Shoot Winners


Snowflake Intermediate School is a proud partner of D.A.R.E. This program has great influence in helping keep our students away from drugs and violence. Please take a moment to view photos of our D.A.R.E. program in action!

Special Recognition

It takes a lot to keep a school running from educating students to making sure each room has heat in the winter. We are fortunate to have a fantastic maintenance crew that has gone above and beyond to keep our wonderful school up and running. We want to give them special recognition and say thanks for all the work that they do.

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Ugly Sweater Contest

Fifth grade students recently competed in an ugly sweater competition. Every student that was at a minimum of 50% of their AR goal for the quarter was eligible to compete. Those students who were eligible went to Mrs. Scott's room where they colored the idea they had for an ugly sweater. Mrs. Scott had five sweaters that the students won if they were successful in having one of the ugliest sweater creations. The winners (or they could they be considered the losers since they got to keep the ugly sweater they were wearing) were Bradley and Gunner from Mrs. Scott's class and Natalie, Tate, and McKinley from Mrs. Mortensen's classes. Congratulations.... (We think)!

Five students wearing ugly Christmas sweaters

Acorn Art

Mr. Decker's class recently participated in some acorn art. The students really enjoyed this activity. 

Acorn Art

PTSO Gift Baskets

PTSO provided new teachers Brandi Peterson, Cameron Peterson, Ben Hipps, Greg Lunt, and Suzanne Berger with gift baskets of supplies. PTSO wishes them all a successful year!

gift baskets

Food Drive

The Snowflake Intermediate School student council recently sponsored a food drive. Thank you to all who donated. The food drive was a great success!

food drive

Culminating Activity

Mr. Boone's class recently participated in a great culminating activity. They read Johnny and the Best Biscuits Ever, and then Mr. John Boone made the best dutch oven biscuits ever!

Elks Hoop Shoot Contest

The students representing our school and the boys age groups are Ryker, Branson, and MatthewSnowflake Intermediate held their annual Elks hoop shoot contest and are excited to announce the winners that will represent our school at the district competition on December 10 in Show Low. We will keep you posted on which of our students, hopefully it will be all, will move on to the next round of competition. The students representing our school and the girls age groups are Kenadi, Kenli, and Lily. The students representing our school and the boys age groups are Ryker, Branson, and Matthew. Go for it, you amazing Lobos!



Snowflake Intermediate School's students and staff enjoyed a festive Halloween day. Please enjoy these photos of our great day!


Lowell Observatory Field Trip

The fifth grade classes at Snowflake Intermediate took their yearly field trip to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. They spent the day learning about planets, stars, and other areas of study that the observatory participates in. The students and teachers are able to interact with the equipment and get a hands-on, in depth discussion about the observatory and the important contributions Lowell has had in discovering and recognizing planets.

Lowell Observatory Field Trip

Grand Canyon Field Trip

The 2016-17 fourth grade class at Snowflake Intermediate took their yearly field trip to the Grand Canyon. All five classes were able to participate and meet with park rangers. They were given a tour and were able to break into groups and study the layers of the earth that have created the Grand Canyon. This field trip is one of the many ways that the fourth graders learn about our wonderful state of Arizona, and it also helps meet one of our social study standards that deals with students learning about their home state. It is a culminating activity the brings the learning to life and allows the students and the volunteer parents the ability to view the Grand Canyon in its splendor! This trip is made available by the hard work of Mr. Decker, one of the fourth grade teachers, who spends time contacting and writing a grant to allow all students the opportunity to attend.

Thank you to Mr. Decker, our bus drivers, and our parent volunteers who were willing to spend an entire day helping our students interact with the amazing state that we live in!

Grand Canyon Field Trip

Homecoming Week Photos

Homecoming week was a huge success! We enjoyed fun-filled activities such as the Ice Cream Social, Movie Night, Bonfire, Powder Puff Football, Parade, Spirit Days, Tailgate Party, Football Game, Homecoming Dance, and more. Please take a moment to view photos from the events below.

Homecoming Week Photos

Pirate Book Fair

Snowflake Intermediate students dressed up like pirates for our recent book fair. Ahoy, mate!

Pirate Book Fair

Ocean Pictures

Mrs. Kim Scott's 5th grade students recently created beautiful ocean pictures. What a creative bunch!

art projects

All School District Clean Up

Snowflake Unified School District recently participated in the second annual all school district clean up. Dr. Chad Brimhall organized the event by rounding up our entire community, comprised of all religions and all groups. We were able to clean up seven school sites, including chopping trees, weed eating, sweeping, collecting trash, and more! Larson Waste donated dumpsters, and community members brought their own backhoes and garden tools. We are so grateful to the families who helped whip our sites into shape. From the old to the little tiny ones everyone worked together with their teachers and principals. With budget cuts, our Maintenance Department is down to seven men who do a wonderful job. This was such a nice way to let them know we appreciate what they do and help our students feel the pride in our amazing community. Thank you, Dr. Brimhall, Larson Waste, and our entire community!

school clean up

Snowflake/Taylor • School Clean Up from Tanner Austin on Vimeo.

Dr. Seuss Day

Every year, we have the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s imaginative world on his birthday. Each classroom enthusiastically participated by creating, reading, and enjoying his many cherished books.

Dr. Seuss Day

Writing Workshop

Teachers from Snowflake Intermediate attended a workshop to help enhance writing. One of the ideas that was shared was a "walking poster." Teachers assign students to a group, and they assign each group a section of a book to read. The students then create a poster with pictures of the key parts of their section of the book. When complete, the teacher hangs the posters on the wall, and one student from each group has the task of discussing and describing the part of the story and the key story elements. The rest of the group rotates from poster to poster. At each poster, a different student remains behind to be the narrator of the poster. Students need to listen to the elements and prepare to discuss the poster to the next group. After the first rotation, the students staying behind to discuss the poster are relating information that they heard, even if it is not the original story part that was assigned to the group.



At Snowflake Intermediate School, we invite the students who have worked hard and paid attention to attendance and behavior to attend the end of the year extravaganza!

In order to earn the privilege of attending this event, students must meet specific guidelines. 

  • Grades - No F's on any end of term report card during the entire year
  • Punctuality - A total of 10 or less tardies for the school year
  • Behavior - No more than two office referrals during the school year and no suspensions

Over 250 students met the requirements for the 2015-2016 school year. We are proud of our students for their hard work this school year!

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Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the Snowflake Intermediate School students who earned perfect attendance for the 2015-2016 school year. Angela Grim, Karina Rascon, Kira Johnston, and Emma Solomon had no tardies or absences for the school year. They all earned a bike!

Thank you to Wal-mart whose generosity allowed both JD Parker from Horace Mann Insurance and the Bentz' to purchase the bikes.

Perfect Attendance


Grand Canyon Trip

students at Grand CanyonSnowflake Intermediate 4th grade students, teachers, and parent volunteers recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon! This is a culminating activity to a unit on Arizona and part of the 4th grade curriculum. Thanks to a grant, each 4th grade class was able to experience the wonder and awe of one of Arizona's most notable attractions. The classes each had their own tour guide ranger and learned about all the amazing steps it took to carve the Grand Canyon out of layers of rocks!

The students kept journals, had hand on experiences with the rocks that make up the many layers, and learned how erosion and deposits contributed to the beautiful canyon that is just a bus ride from Snowflake. 

Mrs. Bentz was able to be part of this wonderful trip and would like to send out a Grand Canyon size thank you to all the parents, teachers, park rangers, and bus drivers who made this so great! Also, a great big thank you to Mr. Decker who was willing to work through this process and make it possible for us to all attend!!

Track and Field Fun Day

Snowflake Intermediate had its track and field/fun day on May 13. Students ran races in the morning. Following the races, the classes spit up into their field and fun day groups. The theme for the 2015-2016 school year was "Blue and White, Our Future's so Bright...We Gotta Wear Shades!" What a great way to help close the end of an amazing school year! Thank you so much to our dedicated and wonderful PTSO moms and volunteers who made this such a great day!

track and field day

Renaissance Festival Trip

As part of 6th grade curriculum, students have the opportunity to study the Renaissance and its place in history. To finish off the unit on the Renaissance, our 6th graders were able to go and enjoy a day at the Renaissance Festival! It was a great way to learn and have fun!

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Student Council End-Of-Year Festivities

Snowflake Intermediate student council representatives and classroom alternates recently celebrated the successful end of the 2015-2016 school year. An afternoon of pizza from Pizza Hut and ice cream from Dairy Queen helped top the festivities. Shout out to Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen for helping support our efforts! The teams were wonderful, and we enjoyed our dining and ice cream experience. No ice cream headaches were reported!

Student Council End-Of-Year Festivities