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For your convenience, you will find copies of the Home and School Connection below.

Please enjoy Reading Connection newsletters found here.

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Past Happenings

Please take a few moments to visit the Past Happenings page. You will find stories of exciting events and celebrations from past school years. 

With such remarkable students, teachers, and programs, it’s no wonder we have a place on our website dedicated to sharing our great news. Here you’ll find the latest information on recent events, upcoming activities, student/teacher honors, and much more. Be sure to visit often!

Contact Information

Has your contact information changed? Do you have a new phone number, address, or e-mail? Please contact Tara Brimhall at 536-4156 ext. 7720 or Tohna Rogers 536-4156 ext. 7710 with your new information. It is very important that we keep your contact information current. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Homecoming 2017

Homecoming week is October 23-27, and we want you there! Activities for the week include an ice cream social, powderpuff football game, homecoming assembly, parade, pre-game party, and of course the football game. Please see our homecoming flyer for additional details. Go, Lobos!

Halloween Carnival

Join us for a Halloween carnival on Wednesday, October 25 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Taylor Intermediate School. Read more>>>

School Menus

Menus for October and moving forward will be a little different then we have usually done. They will no longer be a word document. They will now be online. To get the menu you will need to go to the Snowflake Unified School District School Menus website. When you are on the website, there will be a place for you to choose your school and breakfast or lunch menu. Once you choose these items, you will then see the menu. The menu will list the two entrees, hot vegetable, and the fruit for the day. On the side there are widgets which will show the daily vegetables available on the salad bar, variety of milk options, and the condiments offerings. There is also a widget with meal prices. You will also have the option to print this menu (the print button is on the top right corner). When you go to print the menu you will need to make sure to check the fit to page box and that the printer settings are set to portrait. 

SFE as a company has chosen to go forward with menus this way as it offers more options for students, staff, and nurses, as you are able to look up calories, carbs, etc. as well as see what we are serving for the day.

Fun With Skittles

Math and Skittles are a perfect combination to learn math skills. Mrs. Woley likes to use Skittles to make a math lesson fun and exciting. What a great way to start the school year.

Fun with Skittles

School Messenger

School Messenger is a notification service that enables parents and students to receive timely information regarding events, weather updates, and emergency news through text alerts. Please take a moment to read the School Messenger flyer, and sign up for this great service today.