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We may be a small school, but our academic programs and extracurricular offerings are topnotch! Here’s an overview of some of the Snowflake Intermediate programs:

ZerO “O’s” Monday = ZOOM: Snowflake Intermediate would like to provide another way for students to complete work and be responsible for their learning rather than receive a “0” on a missing assignment. 

  • Each week students will turn in assignments as required from their teacher. If for any reason a student does not turn in a paper by the due date, they will be able to complete the work over the weekend and turn it in for a 20% reduction on the earned grade on Monday. 
  • Those students who do not turn in their papers by Monday morning will need to stay after school that day (from 2:30-3:30 p.m.) to complete the missing or potential zero assignment. This will still receive a 20% reduction in grade. The student will be responsible for knowing which assignment is due. 
  • On Monday morning, if the missing work is not turned in, the parent will be contacted to advise that their child has the opportunity to stay after school and make up the missing assignment. Parents will need to pick up students who have stayed late to make up work at 3:30 p.m. 
  • Students who do not stay will receive a zero for the assignment. We will not allow this to be made up later. 

The first Zero “0’s” Monday will start on fourth Monday of August and will run each Monday throughout the school year.

Accelerated Reader (AR): The AR program provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to monitor students’ independent reading progress and encourage the development of lifelong reading habits. Using the AR technology, teachers and students work together to set personalized goals that will challenge each student at just the right level. Students gain points based on books they read, and teachers can keep tabs on each student’s vocabulary growth, literacy skills development, and reading comprehension.

Band, Choir, and Orchestra: If your child will attend Snowflake Intermediate for fifth or sixth grade in the 2017-2018 school year, he or she will have the opportunity to participate in choir, band, or orchestra during the school day. The school district has hired another music teacher and in doing so has created the opportunity to work with the fifth and sixth grade students. These classes will take place on Monday and Wednesday. Orchestra will take place in the music room here on SI campus. We will walk the band and choir students to the HS band and choir rooms. 

If your child is currently in band or orchestra, please inform the office so that we will be sure to put that as a first choice as there is no longer after school band or orchestra.

If you are a visitor to our website and will be registering a fifth or sixth grade student at Snowflake Intermediate, please be sure to ask for a paper to register your child with his or her choice. 

This opportunity is only for those students who will be in fifth and sixth grade.

Beyond Textbooks: More than just a program, Beyond Textbooks is a philosophy and framework for education that empowers teachers to transcend the limits of traditional textbooks in order to enhance the learning process. Our teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the state to create an optimal educational experience for the students in their care.

During and After-School Tutoring: Whether your student just needs a quick catch-up session or a more long-term tutoring arrangement, we have the resources to help. Our tutoring program helps us ensure that every student continues to progress and that paws wallno one gets left behind.

PAWS: This acronym, which stands for Pride, Attitude, Willingness, and Success, represents a way for us to encourage our students to develop attributes of success. Each month we focus on a different character trait, and at the end of the month we hold an assembly honoring students from each class who have exemplified that trait.

September: Respect
October: Honesty
November: Leadership
December: Caring
January: Responsibility
February: Tolerance
March: Citizenship
April: Trustworthiness
May: Fairness

January PAWS Assembly

Classroom teachers and Principal Jody Bentz at the Snowflake Intermediate School PAWS Assembly recognized the character trait of respect on January 29, 2016. Please view the names of the honored students.

  • Isaac Gardner
  • Benjamin Sundby
  • Riah Christianson
  • Shaun Davies
  • Gage Papa
  • Darian Dykes
  • Derick Ortiz
  • Kyle Decker
  • Brevin Matthews
  • Jake Lewis
  • Gavin Caldwell
  • Jalen Everett
  • Jaden Martinez

December PAWS Assembly

Mrs. Bentz, principal of the Snowflake Intermediate School, honored several students at the PAWS assembly on December 18, 2015, for exemplifying the character trait of caring.

  • KeKoa Orlando
  • McKinley Caldwell
  • Cadence Green
  • Allie Claridge
  • RJ Segobia
  • Illeana Harris
  • LillieAnn Hollom
  • Katie Perkins
  • Daimen Raisor
  • Sasha Baca
  • Blanca Juarez
  • Rose LeSueur
  • Austin Stratton

November PAWS Assembly

Principal Jody Bentz and the teachers of Snowflake Intermediate School were pleased to honor these students at the November PAWS assembly on November 24, 2015, for the character trait of leadership

  • Avery Arnett 
  • Brigham Davis
  • April Goss 
  • Drake Hales
  • Marcus Hall
  • Jordan Jones
  • Josie Lyman
  • Tytan Montgomery
  • Haddli Nichols
  • Jarom Ordyna
  • Riley Peterson
  • Sara Powers
  • Kortnie Silverhorn 

October PAWS Assembly

Principal Jody Bentz and the teachers of Snowflake Intermediate School were pleased to honor these students at the October PAWS assembly on October 30, 2015, for the character trait of honesty

  • Logan Peterson
  • Riley Baldwin
  • Braydon Wells
  • Tate Lunt
  • Mason Reidhead
  • Cooper Rapier
  • Kira Johnston
  • Talayna Shone
  • Brian Landa Moreno
  • Khi Yates
  • Camden Brimhall
  • Macee Papa 
  • Derek Scott

September PAWS Assembly

We held the first PAWS assembly for the 2015-2016 school year at Snowflake Intermediate School on September 25, 2015. Principal Mrs. Jody Bentz recognized students for their efforts so far this year. Classroom teachers nominated the following students for the character trait of responsibility

  • Chance Carlson 
  • Kenli Gardner
  • Tacie Kay
  • Kaja Brimhal 
  • Isadora Michael 
  • Estelle Bryce
  • Lance Christensen
  • Justin Ponce 
  • Braedyn Standerfer
  • Baylee Bowman 
  • Kylie Brinkerhoff
  • Justin Ciminski
  • Hallie Nichols