Our Excellent Faculty and Staff

Our teachers and staff are passionate about education, and they work together to create an environment of safety and support where students gain the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We welcome you to contact any member of our team with concerns and feedback.


Kim Lewis

Becky Lewis
Attendance Clerk

Melanie Self
Administrative Assistant

Jessica Carlson
Health Tech

Julia Newell


Greg Adams
4th Grade

Phillip Decker
4th Grade

Leah Swihart
4th Grade

Stacy Ward
4th Grade

Carey Warren
4th Grade

Tina Evans
5th Grade

Greg Hudson
5th Grade

Brandi Peterson
5th Grade

Sheri Rhoten
5th Grade

Kimberly Scott
5th Grade

David Adams
6th Grade

Cameron Peterson
6th Grade

Heidi Strong
6th Grade

Bev Van Winkle
6th Grade

Nikki Woley
6th Grade

Kim Gribble
Self-Contained Teacher

Brandon Legler
ELL Teacher

Dan Rowles

Resource Teacher

Support Staff

Hernan Aguilar

Saretta Gardner
Instructional Aide

Kelly Hoff
Instructional Aide

Mary Sundby
Instructional Aide

Florine Tsosie
Native American Education Aide