Spirit Leaders This Year

At Snowflake Intermediate We:

Strive for Excellence
Learn at High Levels
Treat All With Kindness

August 2022

Dear Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members:

I am starting my 12th year as a Snowflake School District administrator. If you have a student enrolled with us year, I thank you. This year's students, as a whole, seem to be the best mannered group I have worked with in those 11 years. People ask me when I am going to retire. I tell them"when going to work is no longer fun for me." We have great teachers and staff members; be patient with us when we make mistakes; that happens sometimes. I express my deepest thanks to parents, guardians, staff members, PTSO, and any others that support our school's mission. "At Snowflake Intermediate We: Strive for Excellence, Learn at High Levels, and Treat All With Kindness."

Mr. Kim H. Lewis, principal Snowflake Intermediate School